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Welcome to Biopesticide Formulation News – a brand new information service, powered by iFormulate4Knowledge


This is a demonstration version of our Biopesticide Formulation news service. Once the service is launched, the front page will provide recent highlights from the web as well as from scientific abstracts. Highlights from previous months will be available from separate archive pages.

These highlights are provided via iFormulate4Knowledge, which combines sophisticated text mining algorithms with industry and technical knowledge to produce a highly focused selection of relevant hits. Unlike with conventional web-searching, iFormulate4Knowledge is able to used contextual information to reduce the number of irrelevant hits, so that a search typically provides a few tens of hits rather than many thousands.

This demonstration version showcases the important and growing area of formulation of biopesticides but using this model we are able to provide customised information services in many other areas of technical, scientific, patent or market interest in the field of formulation or the chemistry using industries. Ask us for more details on


Biopesticide Formulation: Recent Highlights From The Web

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Biopesticide Formulation: Recent Abstracts of Interest

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