Article: Emulsifiable Concentrates – The Future of Agrochemical Formulation?

By Dr David Calvert – taken from the Agropages ‘2020 Formulation & Adjuvant Technology ‘ magazine published in May 2020.

There can be little doubt that in all markets, not just agrochemicals, there is a drive to more sustainable and environmentally-friendly products.

Delivering products with these claims has been hampered by a number of different factors. Whilst the definitions of sustainability in particular has been helped by the publication of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, there remains a significant hurdle in all markets, namely do the new products still work, both functionally and economically?

In agrochemicals the Emulsifiable Concentrate (EC) formulation is a traditional formulation type and is in essence a very simple formulation consisting mainly of the active ingredient, a solvent and an emulsifier system which helps to provide the instant emulsification when the product is added to the spray tank. The manufacture of EC formulations is also very simple with little specialised equipment required…

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