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2018-2019 Schedule of Formulation Training and Events

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Webinar: iFormulate Introduces Fluid Bed Processing

October 30th 2018

Fluid bed technology has a wide variety of uses in formulation and chemical processing in general. For instance fluid beds can be used to agglomerate drying particles to give you granules with optimal flow, compression or redispersion properties. If you are looking to encapsulate a substance then particle coating can be carried out in a fluid bed dryer.

Fluid bed is a versatile technology that can be used for many applications in – for example – pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, food, inorganics and detergents.

If you’d like a concise overview of how fluid bed processing works and what kind of applications then why not sign up to our latest free webinar “iFormulate introduces Fluid Bed Processing”

Design of Experiments for Formulators

Jurys Inn, East Midlands Airport, UK

December 4th – 5th 2018

Formulations are complex products with multiple components and phases. Also, we usually need to balance several performance properties to deliver the optimum product. No wonder that the traditional “one variable at a time” approach to product optimisation often fails.

DESIGN OF EXPERIMENTS FOR FORMULATORS is a two-day course which will improve your practical understanding of statistical experimental design (DoE) and how it can be applied to improve and develop your formulations.:

– Those involved in all aspects of formulation, from researchers, through to product developers, scale-up engineers and process engineers in manufacturing.
– Those active in all formulating industries areas including inks, coatings, agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, food, drink, FMCG, home care and health care.

Fluid Bed Processing

University of Leeds, UK

January 16th – 18th 2019

We’re delighted to be assisting the University of Leeds with their new three day course on Fluid Bed Processing.

This new course focuses on the use of fluid beds in particle engineering area and covers:

  • the basic principles behind fluidisation
  • the importance of particle properties
  • the impact of bed design on the structure and optimal operation of fluid beds, both batch and continuous.

The course is grounded in practical experience gained across numerous industrial sectors by a range of speakers from academia, equipment manufacturers and end users. The scientific principles of fluid bed operation will be reinforced by a number of practical demonstrations which show the theory in practice.

Further details here.

Disruptive Technologies in Formulation

SCI Formulation Forum

January 21st-22nd 2019

This is the second 2-day workshop organised by the SCI’s Formulation Forum and follows the highly successful inaugural event in January 2018. This event is looking to bring together all the elements of formulating for the future into one forum, to learn and discuss how formulations and formulating will be adapted and improved in the advent of new disruptive ideas, techniques and technologies.

Further details here.