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2018 Schedule of Formulation Training and Events

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Formulation: The Basics

One-day course – Alderley Park, UK 

14th June 2018

Formulation is an essential value-adding step in the development and manufacture of a huge number of chemical-using products. For example, medicines, cosmetics, toiletries, foods, detergents, cleaners, paints, inks, agrochemicals and adhesives are all formulated products. FORMULATION: THE BASICS is a one day introduction to formulation – what it is, where it is done, its benefits as well as why and how it is done.


Suspensionology: Practical Suspension Formulation

Wednesday 12th September 2018

University of Lincoln, UK

Suspensionology is a popular course which has been developed by iFormulate with the benefit of industry feedback to provide you with the essential practical and theoretical understanding of how suspensions and dispersions can be made, stabilised and characterised.


Design of Experiments for Formulators

Jurys Inn, East Midlands Airport, UK

December 4th – 5th 2018

Formulations are complex products with multiple components and phases. Also, we usually need to balance several performance properties to deliver the optimum product. No wonder that the traditional “one variable at a time” approach to product optimisation often fails.

DESIGN OF EXPERIMENTS FOR FORMULATORS is a two-day course which will improve your practical understanding of statistical experimental design (DoE) and how it can be applied to improve and develop your formulations.:

– Those involved in all aspects of formulation, from researchers, through to product developers, scale-up engineers and process engineers in manufacturing.
– Those active in all formulating industries areas including inks, coatings, agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, food, drink, FMCG, home care and health care.