Formulating Particles in Suspensions: Webinar Recording

We are pleased to present the latest in our free webinar series:  “iFormulate introduces…Ian Scowen on Formulating Particles in Suspensions: The Rules and Regulations”.

Suspended particles are found everywhere in important formulated products, from inks and paints through to pharmaceuticals and agrochemical formulations. Formulators are confronted with questions such as:

  • How can I maintain stability and prevent settling and agglomeration of particles?
  • How can I use measurements to diagnose problems with my formulation?
  • What are the rules and scientific principles I need to understand?

In the latest in our series of free introductory webinars, Professor Ian Scowen of the University of Lincoln will help you to start answering these questions. In the webinar he will focus specifically on how understanding DLVO theory can help you stabilise your suspensions more effectively. The webinar can be viewed below.

Those of you who want to know more about suspension formulation should take a look at our one-day workshop Suspensionology, to be held on 18th November in Lincoln, UK. Further details on the workshop can be found here.