Webinar Recording: iFormulate introduces…Ian Jolliffe on “Design for Formulation”

How can you ensure that:

– Your formulated product meets the brief in terms of costs, claims and benefits?
– Your product can be manufactured right first time and every time?
– Your product will meet current and future regulatory and quality requirements?

Well, you can make a start by listening to experienced formulator Dr Ian Jolliffe in our introductory webinar. Ian is one of iFormulate’s Associate Partners and he has a passion for employing good design principles when designing formulated products and formulation processes.

If you are involved on formulation development, whether in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, household products, agrochemicals, foods, inks or coatings, then you will benefit from watching the webinar recording below. The slides from the webinar are also available to download here.

Ian concentrates on the planning period before you go into the lab and cover topics including:
– What is your strategy before you go into the lab?
– What should be your deliverables?
– How should you design your experiments?
– What are the long-term benefits of Design for Formulation?

If you’d like to know more, have a look at our two-day training workshop “Design for Formulation” which will take place in September 2017. You can download the flyer for this event here. For more information, email us at info@iformulate.biz.