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Design for Formulation – Preliminary Risk Assessment

By David Calvert, June 2024 In our last post in this “Design for Formulation” series we discussed what should be …

Article: Agrochemical Formulators – You are Not Alone

By Dr David Calvert, iFormulate Ltd, April 2024 For the full article, see  AgroPages 2024 Formulation & Adjuvant Technology magazine and …

Design for Formulation – Getting Started

By David Calvert, April 2024 Previously we made the case for a structured approach to “Design for Formulation” and looked …

Design for Formulation – Demystifying the Language

By David Calvert, 19th March 2024 We have previously made the case for a structured approach to “Design for Formulation” …

The “Real IQ” and Validity of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Formulators

By David Calvert 7th March 2024 The topic of AI and systems such as ChatGPT is much discussed and opinions …

Design for Formulation – The Why

By David Calvert 6th March 2024 At iFormulate, we have long been proponents of a structured, yet flexible, approach to …