Green Solvent Selection for Emulsifiable Concentrate Agrochemical Formulations

Thanks to the hard work of our academic collaborators in the University of York Green Chemistry Group, including laboratory work carried out by (then) M.Chem student Ana Pacheco, we are pleased to announce the publication of “Green Solvent Selection for Emulsifiable Concentrate Agrochemical Formulations” in Organic Process Research and Development (ACS). Ana and her colleagues used a combination of in silico modelling and experimental testing to evaluate a number of alternative safer solvents for the agrochemical active ingredients pendimethalin, prochloraz, and pyraclostrobin. Of the solvents evaluated, cyclohexanone, diethyl carbonate, ethyl acetate, and dihydrolevoglucosenone (Cyrene) were observed to be effective solvents.

The publication is Open Source (CC-BY 4.0) and can be read and downloaded at the ACS website or viewed below.

Following her M.Chem, which included the experimental project supported by iFormulate, Ana has gone on to complete a PhD at the University of Nottingham.

January 2024