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Upcoming Webinars

Keep an eye on our Training and Events page for announcements of upcoming webinars and other activities.

Webinar Recordings

Below you will find links to our short free webinar recordings on formulation topics. If you are interested in finding out more about these topics or anything else related to formulation then just email us at info@iformulate.biz.

View our Webinar recordings here:

Webinar Recording: Particle Engineering using Spray Drying and Fluid Beds

Formulators are often challenged to produce solid particulate products with precisely designed application properties. For instance granular products may need …

Webinar Recording: iFormulate Introduces Fluid Bed Processing

Image courtesy of Neuhaus Neotec Fluid bed technology has a wide variety of uses in formulation and chemical processing in …

Webinar Recording: Design of Experiments for Formulators

Formulations are complex products with multiple components and phases. As formulators, we also have to balance several performance properties to …

Webinar Recording: Process Control and Formulation

All organisations today are under pressure to innovate, develop and introduce new products and services to meet the needs of …

Webinar: Physical Stability of Agrochemical Formulations

Presented by: Dr. Martin Viertelhaus, BASF SE, Germany Formulation development is the art of making stable formulations that become unstable …

Webinar Recording: A quick guide to Hansen Solubility Parameters

How do you pick a solvent or resin that is compatible with your formulation? Perhaps you start with a shelf …

Webinar Recording: A quick guide to adhesion science with Professor Steven Abbott

In our latest free webinar we take you briefly through the basics of adhesion science. The webinar will be of …

Webinar Recording: Powderology – An Introduction to the Mysteries of Powders

Powders are a common formulation format in a wide number of industries ranging from cosmetics to healthcare, foods, agrochemicals and …

Webinar Recording: A quick guide to Ink Jet Formulation

Although ink-jet printing is a long-established method for professional and domestic digital imaging, new performance demands and end-use applications mean …

Webinar Recording: Spray Drying For Formulations

Spray drying is an extremely versatile technique which can be applied equally well to small volumes of materials such as …

Webinar Recording: Crystallisation Science and Agrochemical Formulation

Proper understanding and control of the crystallisation and solubility behaviour of your system is a vital component when developing many …

Webinar Recording: iFormulate introduces Malcolm McKechnie on Open Innovation Across Sectors

If you’ve ever considered looking outside your own organisation for new ideas to boost your R&D, or if you’ve thought …

Formulating Particles in Suspensions: Webinar Recording

We are pleased to present the latest in our free webinar series:  “iFormulate introduces…Ian Scowen on Formulating Particles in Suspensions: …

Webinar Recording: iFormulate introduces…Ian Jolliffe on “Design for Formulation”

How can you ensure that: – Your formulated product meets the brief in terms of costs, claims and benefits? – …