Webinar Recording: Spray Drying For Formulations

Spray drying is an extremely versatile technique which can be applied equally well to small volumes of materials such as pharmaceuticals as it can to large volume products such as foodstuffs. For the formulator, using spray drying offers a unique opportunity to engineer particulate solids to give the desired processing and application properties.

Professor David York is the main speaker in our webinar which you can view below on this page. David became Professor of Structured Particulate Materials at the University of Leeds in 2012 after a long career in senior roles at P&G where he was responsible for process and product development. David has a long-standing scientific interest in spray drying.

In the webinar recording you will gain a concise overview of why you should choose spray drying; the basic science of spray drying; what equipment is used and how particles can be engineered.

We also provide details of the short upcoming course “Spray Drying and Atomisation of Formulations” to be held at the University of Leeds from 20th to 22nd March 2018 (note that this is the correct date and link for 2018, the webinar recording refers to the course from a previous year).

Below you can view the webinar recording and download the slide presentation. For any enquiries or questions, email us at info@iformulate.biz.

Download webinar slides as PDF.