iFormulate – GDPR Legitimate Interests Assessment

Version: 24/05/2018

·         We assess that the following would reasonably expect to be included on the iFormulate e-newsletter list They have had substantial previous engagement with iFormulate and have received multiple past iFormulate newsletters with options to unsubscribe:

  • “Customer/Supplier” – refers to existing close business contacts with whom a substantive business relationship exists (customer, supplier, partner or other substantial business relationship)
  • Training attendee – refers to attendees on iFormulate or co-partner training
  • Webinar registrant – attendees to iFormulate webinars which included an electronic registration referring to use of data for communication purposes
  • iFormulate workshop – attendees at workshops organised by iFormulate for clients.

·         Minimal privacy impact: Only name and normal business contact details are recorded, similar to details that would be on a business card. No other personal details are held

·         Justification for the processing: Only by holding these details on a database can an effective and targeted e-newsletter be sent. This is a fair and non-intrusive use of data. Data is not passed to third parties.

·         Balance of interests: Newsletters of business and scientific interest are common in the industry and recipients would expect this amount of data holding and processing. There is very low risk of harm associated with the holding of such business contact details.

·         The legitimate interests:

  • Interests of iFormulate to communicate news and other information in the field of formulation, related to its own services or other activities and news
  • Interests of recipients to receive news and other information in the field of formulation