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October 2019: Labelled to Confuse? By David Calvert.

October 2019: University of Lincoln: A Very Professional Practice. By Jim Bullock.

September 2019: Adjuvants for Bioprotection. By David Calvert.

August 2019: Formulating Biologicals: Encapsulation and Stability. By Jim Bullock.

July 2019: Are We Missing The Point With Biopesticides? By David Calvert.

July 2019: Biopesticides: Reaching the Summit!

July 2019: Just when you thought formulations were complex enough…By David Calvert.

May 2019: The Challenges of Biopesticide Formulation. By Jim Bullock.


December 2018: Lincoln’s new M.Chem is the Formulation For Success. By Jim Bullock.

August 2018: Lost and Found – The Perils of Formulation Design. By David Calvert.

January 2018: International Crop Science Conference and Exhibition: Event Review. By Jim Bullock

January 2018: SCS Formulate 2017: Event Review. By David Calvert

January 2018: AgForm – Formulation & Technology 2017: Event Review. By David Calvert


August 2017: New Facility for Advanced Processing of Solid Formulations – Tell Us Your Needs

June 2017: Just what on Earth is going on…in my formulation? By David Calvert

April 2017: In-Cosmetics Comes Home. By David Calvert

April 2017: The Future of Formulation Design really is looking bright. By David Calvert

April 2017: HSP50 – a truly unique event. By Jim Bullock

April 2017: The Leeds Spray Drying Course – bigger and better! By Jim Bullock

January 2017: Are Changes in Regimes and Regulations Good for Formulation Technology? By David Calvert


December 2016: Daniel Schmidt on Sustainable Reformulation using Hansen Solubility Parameters

November 2016: Dietmar Lerche on understanding the stability, behaviour and surface properties of nanoparticles and quantum dots using Hansen Solubility Parameters

October 2016: Stefan Langner on using HSP for smart formulations of organic electronics

October 2016: The Bees or Not The Bees? That Is The Question. By Jim Bullock

October 2016: A Matter of Time. By David Calvert

September 2016: Fifty Years of Hansen Solubility Parameters – Charles Hansen Reflects

May 2016: Premier Design for Formulations – Is it Really Worth it? By David Calvert

May 2016: Spray Drying: New Tricks From Established Technologies. By Jim Bullock

March 2016: Heroes or Villains? Carbon and Crystals. By Jim Bullock

March 2016: Making Cosmetics – A “Clean” and Differentiated Industry? By David Calvert

March 2016: iFormulate White Paper: Open Innovation Across Sectors

February 2016: Forced to Innovate: How Does Your Innovation Process Scrub Up? By David Calvert


December 2015: Video Highlights: Webinar Recordings

March 2015: Getting (or Avoiding) That Sinking Feeling? By David Calvert


December 2014: £28 Million National Formulation Centre Announced

December 2014: Formulators – Don’t Let Particles Drive You Nuts! By Ian Jolliffe

November 2014: The Solution to Dissolution : Solubility and Stable Formulations. By Paul Mahon

November 2014: Formulation Technology in Scotland: Your Country Needs You!

November 2014: New Masters in Formulation Science and Technology: First Module Announced

October 2014: Interested in Delivering the UK’s Modular Masters in Formulation Science and Technology?

September 2014: In Search of Stability: Analytical Strategies for Ink Formulation. By John Duffy

July 2014: Formulation, Microscopy and Moisture. By Jan Gorgol

June 2014: A Question of Trust. By David Calvert

May 2014Probiotic Formulation – Modern Greek Mythology? By David Calvert

May 2014: Spray Drying: Learning to Dry. By Jim Bullock

May 2014: Pharmaceuticals: What’s the Future for Pharma? New event announced.

January 2014: Who Are You Sharing Your Home With? By Malcolm McKechnie


November 2013: Fracked Or Fiction? By David Calvert

November 2013: Formulation Special Interest Group. By Jim Bullock

September 2013: Who Are The Formulation Galácticos? By David Calvert

July 2013: Summer Formulations – Sunscreen, Hay Fever and Ice Cream. By David Calvert

June 2013: Formulation Technology – Better Results from Improved Skills. By Jim Bullock

May 2013: Living On The Edge With Solid Formulations

May 2013: How Do You Measure Innovation Success? By David Calvert

March 2013: Skills and Training in Formulation Technology – Developing People for Business Success

March 2013: Companies Can Benefit From TSB Collaborative R&D Competition in Formulation

March 2013: Open Innovation at NutraFormulate 2013. By Jim Bullock

February 2013: Challenges in Natural Colour. By Jim Bullock

February 2013: Skills for Formulation Scientists and Technicians – Cogent’s Gold Standards Now Finalised