New Facility for Advanced Processing of Solid Formulations – Tell Us Your Needs

On behalf of CPI’s National Formulation Centre (NFC) we’d really like to hear about your outstanding needs in processing of solids formulations.

The NFC is creating a facility for advanced solids processing which will be available for companies to use either:

•         As part of collaborative research and development projects, or
•         On a fee for service basis at laboratory and pilot scale.

The facility will help companies develop new or more robust products and processes as well as to realise efficiency savings through improved productivity and reduced waste/rework for example. The facility could potentially handle and process typical solid materials in the form of powders, granules, pellets and tablets. Unit operations could include milling, blending, granulation, drying, tableting, filling and packing. There will be a focus on topics such as in-process analytical measurements and process control as well as on improved scale-up and scale-down of processes.

The facility will be relevant to all industries where solids processing is important, e.g. pharma, food, agrochemicals, detergents, nutraceuticals, chemical ingredients, minerals, catalysts etc.

We’d be keen to hear from you, so simply email us at if you:

  • are interested in finding out more about the new facility
  • can provide an insight into your challenges and unmet needs or
  • would like to provide input about what the facility will look like and how it should operate.