Living On The Edge With Solid Formulations


Attendees at the new one day training course “Solid State Stability of Formulations” were intrigued to learn how defining the “edge of failure” can help formulators anticipate and diagnose problems with solid stability. Whether it’s chemical degradation in a solid tablet, or physical properties of a powdered solid, understanding and defining the boundary between acceptable and unacceptable performance are the first steps in a stability evaluation programme.

Delegates from across Europe benefited from attended the course held on May 8th near Nottingham, UK and which was run by iFormulate Ltd of UK in association with FreeThink Technologies from the USA. Attendees were drawn from industries as diverse as detergents, pharmaceuticals and packaging and they described the content as “thought provoking” and containing “very good presentations” which were “very detailed” with “a lot of information” which provided “a good basis for rapid stability determination”. Overall the programme was described as consisting of “excellent topics”.

Course organiser, Dr David Calvert of iFormulate Ltd said: “The course tutors from FreeThink and iFormulate were able to draw upon their wealth of practical industrial experience and sound scientific knowledge. So it was clear from the open discussion sessions during the day, as well as follow-up after the course, that the attendees derived a huge amount of benefit in a very cost-effective way”.

It is provisionally planned to repeat the successful course. Details of the course are still available on the iFormulate website and anyone who’d like to know more is encouraged to e-mail for further details.

iFormulate Ltd, May 2013