Speaker Profile: Dr Olivier Cloarec

Dr Olivier Cloarec from MKS joins us as a course tutor for “Design for Formulation” in 2017. Olivier is a Senior Principal Data Scientist, helping companies grow their business using the Umetrics™ Suite of Data Analytics Solutions. In this role he trains process engineers, scientists and statisticians from R&D and production, helping them define data acquisition and data analysis strategies, implementing design of experiments and multivariate data analysis.  He continues to develop chemometric methods and data visualisation solutions.

Previously he founded Korrigan Sciences Limited, consulting in chemometrics for six years after an academic career at Imperial College and Royal Holloway (UK) and Head of Bioinformatics at Technology Servier.  He has contributed to a new framework for data analysis of spectroscopic data profiling metabolites in biological systems – Statistical Total Correlation Spectroscopy (STOCSY) analysis method that is used in biological chemistry and the field of metabolomics. He completed his PhD in Analytical Chemistry at the Ales School of Mines in 2002.