iFormulate: Past Formulation Training and Events

Below you’ll find an overview of our past training and events, as well as other events of interest that we’ve been involved in. For current training and events please see this page and for a list of our free webinars that you can view go to this page.

If you are interested in training on past topics or in accessing course materials then please contact us on info@iformulate.biz.

We also provide customised training related to formulation on a wide range of topics for groups of individuals, we can deliver this in person at the client’s site or remotely via a private webinar. Just e-mail info@iformulate.biz with your enquiry.

Please note here our terms and conditions for cancellations and amendments to bookings for our own training and events. Our policies on data protection, privacy and cookies can be found here.

Past Events and Training

Designing Better Formulations for IB (Industrial Biotechnology). 6 Feb 2020 – at IBioIC, University of Strathclyde. Free workshop.

A Beginner’s Guide to Agrochemical Formulation Strategies – Online Academy. 20 Jan – 21 Feb 2020. Online learning.

From Science to Shelf – Innovating Through Formulation. 21-22 Jan 2020, SCI Formulation Forum, London.

Design of Experiments for Formulators. 3-4 Dec 2019. Two-day course.

Formulation: The Basics. 14 Jun 2019. One-day course.

SCI: Graham Lecture and Symposium 2019. 9 Jul 2019. One-day symposium.

Biopesticide Summit 2019. 2 – 3 Jul 2019. Conference.

Workshop: Design for Formulation. 25 Jun 2019. Free workshop.

Formula X 2019. 24 – 27 Jun 2019. Conference.

Adhesion Science For Formulators. 27 Feb 2019. One-day course.

Suspensionology: Practical Suspension Formulation 12 Sep 2018. One-day course.

Formulation: The Basics. 14 Jun 2018. One-day course.

An Introduction to Agrochemical Formulation Strategies Oct 2017. Two-day course.

Design for Formulation: Products and Processes. 19 – 20 Sep 2017. Two-day course.

HSP50: Fifty Years of Hansen Solubility Parameters. 5 – 7 Apr 2017, Conference.

Spray Drying and Atomisation of Formulations 28 – 30 Mar 2017. Three-day course.

Adhesion Science for Formulators 1 Dec 2016. One-day course.

An Introduction to Agrochemical Formulation Strategies 12 – 13 Jul 2016. Two-day course.

Ink Jet Formulation Fundamentals 9 Jun 2016. One-day course.

Spray Drying and Atomisation of Formulations. 12 – 14 Apr 2016. Three-day course.

Crystallisation Science and Agrochemical Formulation. 4 Feb 2016. Webinar.

Suspensionology: Practical Suspension Formulation Nov 2015. One-day course.

Design for Formulation: Products and Processes. Sep 24 and Dec 10 2015. Two-day course.

Spray Drying and Atomisation of Formulations. Mar 2015, Three-day course.

CLP and Safety Data Sheets for Formulators. 4 Nov 2014. One-day course.

Ink-Jet Intermediate Formulation. 25 Sep 2014. One-day course.

Ink-Jet Formulation Fundamentals. 25 Jun 2014. One-day course.

iFormulate4Adhesion. 1 May 2014. One-day course.

Spray Drying and Atomisation of Formulations. 8 – 9 Apr 2014. Two-day course.

REACH and Formulated Products. 14 Nov 2013. One-day course.

Colour Management for Formulators. 23 Oct 2013. One-day course.

iFormulate4Nano. 18 Jun 2013. One-day course.

Solid State Stability of Formulations 8 May 2013. One-day course.